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February is our annual Stout & Chops Month.

If you ever wanted to try a Dark-Colored Beer, NOW is the time.  We’ve got a 8-Stout Taster Tray that rotates EVERY week!  And, a new Stout Cocktail… RIP’d Russian.  Cheers!


(subject to change to without notice)

1. Soakers Stout (Pagosa Brewing) – $4.50 Pints & Mugs – Award Winner!

2. R.I.P. Milk Stout NITRO (Pagosa Brewing) – $5.50 Pints & Mugs – Award Winner!

3. Berry CASK Stout (Pagosa Brewing) – $5 Pints & Mugs

4. Salty Caramel Stout (Pagosa Brewing) – $5.50 Pints & Mugs

5. Joe’s Java Stout Stout (Pagosa Brewing) – $5.50 Pints & Mugs

6. Ol’ 69 Stout (San Luis Valley Brewing) – $5.50 Pints & Mugs

7. Winter Warlock Stout (Bristol Brewing) – $5.50 Pints & Mugs

8. Oatimus Prime Imperial Stout (Mountain Sun Pub) – $5 Snifter  (10.8% abv)

Stout Cocktail

RIP’d Russian – R.I.P. Milk Stout, Tito’s Craft Vodka, Kahlua & Whipped Cream – $8

Stout Food Pairings

  • Bavarian Blue Pizza –
    Artisan Pizza topped with Gosar Ranch Bavarian Sausage, REAL Gorgonzola Blue Cheese & sprinkled with Scallions
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie –Served warm & topped with Whipped Cream

Saturday’s Entrée

Stout Meatball Sub

House Made Stout Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese & House Fried Potato Chips

Saturday, Feb 28 – Mutton Chop Contest w/Prizes!

* Best Natural (usually guys, but you never know!)

* Best Enhanced (both guys & gals)

* Most Creative (both guys & gals)



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