Green Energy Saving

2012 Green Business Award!

2011 Green Business Award – Most Improved Green Business!pagosa springs green business award restaurant brewery

2010 Green Business Award!

Since opening in November 2006, Pagosa Brewing Company & Grill has been a community leader in creating and supporting “GREEN Business Practices.”

We are dedicated to finding solutions to improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. We live by our goals & values everyday, which include:

Reduce Energy Consumption &
SupportSustainable Energy Options

  • Encourages new technology to create more locally-generated, sustainable energy.
  • Lessens dependence on fossil fuels. 

Monitor & Reduce Water Consumption

  • Reduces overall energy needs, eases water usage and effluent.  Makes the local Water District very happy!

pagosa springs chamber green business award restaurant and grillBuy Local & Support Local Businesses

  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
    Saves enormous amounts of non-renewable fuel and energy by supporting local job creation and retention.  Encourages Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
  • Dramatically reduces solid waste stream, which in turn, reduces demand on our landfills. Disseminate information and encourage others to do the same.

Streamline Manufacturing &
Improve Transportation Efficiencies

  • Lessens dependence on fossil fuels. Reduces traffic and pollution.

Based on our GREEN Values, Pagosa Brewing Company & Grill has put into practice a comprehensive list of “GREEN Policies” with the following results:


Result:  Reduces carbon footprint and dependence on corporate agri-business & feed lots.  Saves on transportation & packaging costs.  Supports local economy and job growth.


  • Purchase “Clean Green” Wind Power from LPEA for 100% of energy needs.
  • Switch to compact florescent lighting inside & out.
  • Install super energy-efficient Marathon Water Heater.
    Result:  Reduces carbon footprint by 50% and builds more awareness with customers & staff.
  • In winter, turn-down setting on thermostat.
  • In summer, do not use A/C units and instead rely on natural convective cooling.
  • Regularly maintain all equipment (dishwasher, coolers & freezer units, brewery, etc.)
    Result: Even with double-digit growth, reduces energy costs by 20%.
  • As manufacturer, work to constantly streamline brewery operations & save energy.
  • Practice water conservation with “low-flow” facets, toilets, & washing procedures
  • Reuse 600 gallons/week of “reclaimed water” from brewing operations for cleaning.
    Result:  Reduces water consumption below one (1) Equivalent Unit & limit effluent by 33%.


  • Provide and encourage Multimodal transportation options, including public transportation, bicycling & walking to-and-from our facility.
    sult:  Reduces number of vehicles, which lessens dependence of fossil fuels.
  • Serve our beer on-draught (vs. packaged) & self-distribute locally (vs. out of region.)
    Result: Saves on manufacturing, transportation & packaging resources.
  • Use local products, services and vendors regularly for manufacturing & cooking.
  • Result:  Saves in transportation costs in non-renewable fuels & reduces carbon footprint.
  • Purchase all beef from local source that is 100% grass-fed (vs. grain finished.)
    Result:  Reduces carbon footprint and dependence on corporate agri-business & feed lots.


  • Choose bottles (i.e., growlers & squealers) that are not just recyclable, but refillable & offer incentives.
  • Opt for pre-printed glass negating need for paper labels & chipboard pack holders.
    Result: Reduces both solid waste and glass recycling by 95% vs. conventional six-packs.
  • Give our spent grain from brewery operations to local farmer.
    Result:  Eliminates 29,000 lbs of waste per year destined for local landfills & reduces farmer’s dependence on mass-produced, corn-based animal feed.
  • Save and reuse building materials regularly for projects and repair work.
    Result:  Cuts down on building costs, waste & reduces need for fossil-fuels in transportation.
  • Upgrade to “100% Recycled” napkins & paper towels with single sheet dispensers.
    Result:  Reduces usage of bleached paper by 85% and overall paper consumption by 50%.
  • Choose “Eco-Friendly,” compostable materials for food service.
    Result: Reduces solid waste of non-compostable items by 95%.
  • Donate used fryer oil to local Biodiesel operator.
    Result:  Reduces liquid-oil waste by 100% & contributes to less fossil-fuel consumption.
  • Recycle cell phones, pads & laptops.  Check out this Video from Verizon Wireless
    Result:  Reduces toxicity in land fills & supports continuation of local recycling centers.


  • Promote Eco-Friendly events like Earth Day & brew “Organic Beer.”
    Result:  Builds awareness of values & promotes active participation: +150% from year ago!
  • Provide free educational & information tours EVERY week.
    Result:  Increases in tour attendance by 25% to over 1,300 visitors/year!
  • Promote our Green Business practices via our website, links, emails & social media.
    Result:  Improves “Green-Awareness” of visitors & increases website hits on Green pages by 27%.
  • Choose “Eco-Friendly,” compostable materials for food service.
    Result: Reduces solid waste of non-compostable items by 95%.
  • Promote “Slow Food” concepts by raising public awareness and purchasing foods that are local, seasonal & sustainably grown.
    Result: Chosen as one of 15 brewing delegates from the USA to attend the Terra Madre Eco Conference in Turin, Italy hosted by the Slow Food Organization!
  • Attend sustainability symposiums & network with other manufacturers for ongoing ideas & solutions, including support of the progressive Farm-To-Table Movement.
    Result: Selected for grant funding by Colorado Department of Agriculture for a gluten-free beer pilot program that utilizes Colorado grown grains!


  • Goal:  Decrease back-of-house & office paper consumption by 35%.
    Plan:  Work towards “paperless” office, especially with reports, payroll, bill paying & accounting.
    COMPLETED! – Hired eco-smart bookkeeper and purchased more efficient POS and accounting systems.
  • Goal:  Reduce amount of paper-towels and hand soap waste by 50%.
    Plan:  Work with a variety of vendors to evaluate the most efficient dispenser using green-friendly materials.
    COMPLETED! – Sourced single-pull dispensers and foaming hand soap. Come check it out!
  • Goal:  Expand educational program & empower customers with actionable information.
    Plan:  Develop “Action Board” with brochures and interactive Green postings.
    COMPLETED! – Stop by & Post Your Community Information Today
  • Goal: Reduce number of fossil-fuel vehicles visiting our brewpub.
    Plan: Develop customer incentive program to encourage carpooling & use of hybrid vehicles.
    COMPLETED! – “Bike to Brewery” program (door prize drawing available to all bicyclists!)
  • Goal:  Source more local ingredients for brewing process.
    Plan:  Find grain that is locally harvested and locally malted.
    COMPLETED! – Now using Colorado Malting Company in nearly all of our brews!
  • Goal:  Source more local produce for kitchen.
    Plan:  Find local growers to consistently supply our needs.
    IN PROCESS! – (new Local Salad coming with our Summer Menu.)
  • Goal: Support sustainable energy technology & lead by example.
    Plan:  Install Photovoltaic to provide energy & Solar Thermal to heat water.
    IN DEVELOPMENT (in discussion with suppliers to evaluate system) AND SEEKING OTHER SUGGESTIONS (Vendors contact us directly!).
  • Goal:  Cut brewery energy requirements by another 20%.
    Plan:  Improve efficiencies of walk-in coolers through controlled venting of cold winter air.
    IN DEVELOPMENT (working with A-1 Service to balance cooling vs. freezing).
  • Goal:  Help reduce solid waste in community.
    Plan:  Coordinate business-based “cardboard recycling program”.

Lastly, we encourage you to persuade other businesses in our community to also adopt “Green Business Practices.”  The more who participate, the better we can make our world.