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Mid November

– Philip & Nancy (Oklahoma)  The staff was great, very attentive & personable.

– Teresa H. (Dallas, TX)  Everything was awesome! Your servers are the best 🙂

– Josh (Santa Fe, NM)  What I liked best was the BEER GARDEN!

– Sarah (New Mexico)  The beer garden was the best, and how welcome you made my dogs 🙂

– Sally & Becky (Austin, TX)  Loved the relaxed atmosphere, great service and good food

– Robert & Arlene (Grover, UT)  Been here before, love the beer, the food, the setting

– Jessica (Pagosa Springs, CO)  The beer, the food, the service! All is good, glad Peachy Peach is back


Earl November

– Bonnie & Barry (Pagosa Springs, CO)  We both love the beer & food, especially the friendly waiter people’s

– Doug T. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Liked the outdoor tent, everything was just fine

– Terry (Woodland Park, CO)  Great service, great food, great beer

– Alice (Albuquerque, NM)  I liked the atmosphere and beer garden the best

– Alexis M. (Colorado Springs ,CO)  I like the beer garden, this visit was great

– Phil T. (Santa Fe, NM)  The waiter was great, very pleasant and honest a pleasure to have as a waiter.

– Robyn M. (Florida)  The beer & atmosphere is what I liked best


Late October

– Andy & Dana (Pagosa Springs, CO)  It was fun to drink the hops Dana picked!! Also great bartenders, great beer!

– Aaron (California) Great Service! Great Beer! It was great, please don’t change a thing.

– Monica & Mathew (New Mexico)  Food, Environment, Service, Great!!!!

– Kathy W. (Wichita,KS)  French Fries were fabulous, great job! Loved the ambiance!

– Lois (Albuquerque, NM)  What I liked best was the lunch menu items & BOGO Root beer.

– Nancy & Jody (Grand Junction)  Enjoyed the beer and the bartender! He was very thoughtful.

– Cheryl R. (Maryland)  DELICIOUS!


Mid October

– Jeff H. (Telluride, CO)  I like the kayaker cream best, and I like a variety! Having a brewer here that knows about beer, well that made the visit an excellent experience, and the food I always enjoy. Thank you very much.

– Courtney (Albuquerque, NM)  Great Atmosphere, home made healthy food!

– Wanda Dudinki (Mimics, AZ)   Everything was great! Patio stuff was awesome, great beer, even bought a shirt. ( I never do that)

– Mike (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Enjoyed the food, pizza & crust!

– Viviano (Boulder,CO) Loved sitting outside under the stars, the food especially the salmon salad was wonderful.

– Dennis H. (Flower Mound, TX)  Everything was great, service was awesome, food wonderful, and beverage selection was excellent! Stay just like you are!

– Erin & Mary (Phoenix, AZ)  Service and food we awesome! Keep up the good work.


Early October

– Daniel & Lauren (Albuquerque, NM ) Everything was great! Especially the large variety of beers on tap. Thanks for the great service, really wished I hadn’t missed tasting your seasonal beers.

– Dianna Cerasia (Santa Fe, NM)  Enjoyed the ambiance, waiters‎ and all the employees. Food was great, don’t change a thing.

– Bear Refers (Phoenix, AZ)   Enjoyed the pretzel, Grog, Brats, the food, the beer!!

– Jennifer C. (Fife Lake, MI)  Enjoyed a happy, friendly atmosphere. Great place, so glad we stopped on our honey moon.

– C.J (denver, CO) I liked the beer and food. It was good.

– Brad V. Pagosa Springs, CO)  Enjoyed the beer, outdoor dining and the stuff was outstanding!

– Mr. & Mrs. Shepard (Pagosa Springs , CO)  Loved the beer garden environment, excellent food and even better service. I’m a long time visitor.


Late September

– Vincent Gawler (Albuquerque, NM)  The atmosphere, with the outdoor seating was great! The IPA was awesome.

– Emily & Nick (Denver, CO)  Love the Ambience, the natural setting is the Way To Go!

– Therese & Niklas (Sweden)  THE BEERS!

– Tom & Belinda (Wichita Falls, TX)  The tours were very informative

– Zach (Pagosa Springs, CO)   I enjoyed everything. Great service, great food.

– Brenda T. (Florida)  BEER!!

– Brian (Ohio)   Love your Beer! And service!


Mid September

– Linda D. (Pueblo West. CO)  The food and atmosphere was Awesome!! Well be back!

– Joe (Albuquerque, NM)  The outdoor seating was great, friendly, efficient service, with the right amount of attention.

– Kelly L. (Pagosa Springs,CO)  Open mic night was excellent, so was the food, phenomenal service and superb beer! This place is awesome!

– Susan & Dave (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Wow! Great Service, Beer and food! Perfect!

– K. Kelsay (Washington)  Great Atmosphere! Super Personnel!

– Beverly W. (Albuquerque, NM)  I Liked Everything!

– Mary Lou L. (Indiana)   I enjoyed the tour, & the food was delicious


Early September

– Karen & Brad (Mancos, CO)  Different! Creative! Food was excellent, service was great!

– Marcia D. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great Food! Great Beer!

– Jim (Florida)  You couldn’t make my visit any better, I really liked the atmosphere

– Frank B. (Montgomery, TX)  This was all pretty darn good. Good food, great staff, incredible weather and view of the mountains.

– Mr. & Mrs. Lintous (Van Buren, AK)  The drinks and atmosphere is what we liked best.

– Erin & Fred (Cortez, NM) Food came quickly and was good. Love the burgers, salmon & chips.

– Jessica G. (Utah)   I enjoyed the garden with the outdoor music, the staff was extremely nice and helpful. Can’t complain keep doing the good work.


Late August

– Scott & Christian (Albuquerque,NM)  Had a friendly staff, great food, great beer!!

– Curt Brown (Bayfield, CO)  Love the Burgers & squealers!

– Bailey (Amarillo, TX)  The Salmon tacos were delicious! The pizza was wonderful.

– Richard M. (Duncan, OK)  Very nice Kayaker Cream

– David (Memphis, TN)  Very friendly, helpful service & fantastic food!

– Sally (Texas)  The Kayaker beer was excellent & nice beer garden

– Mike & Kathleen (Flagstaff, AZ)  Very comfortable, simple, quiet place with good beer! Glad I drove by.


Mid August

– Laura D. (Santa Fe, NM)  Outdoor area was very nice, server was excellent and I loved the Salmon-fish-n-chips!!

– Al W. (Utah)  Loved the outdoor seating!

– Andy & Allisa (Indiana)  Being able to sit outside and enjoy great beers was awesome!!

– Russ S. (Ventura, CA)   Loved the Brew, the food and view of the mountains!

– Mr & Mrs Van Maanens (Iowa)  Enjoyed the beer, food and out door dining. It was all excellent.

– Jason (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Really enjoyed the cold frosty beverages

– Philip & Nancy (Oklahoma)  Very attentive and personable staff.


Early August

– Russ & Linda (Punta Gorda, FL) Move Closer to Florida!

– Deanna C. (Oklahoma City, OK)  Atmosphere & food was great.  Friendly service.

– Dave & Clare (Crystal Lake, IL)  Great Beer and Salmon Fish & Chips.   Molly was awesome!!!

– Christa (Austin, TX)  Pizza was badass!  Beer was great too.  Thanks for everything.

– Kim C. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great beer and crispy green beans.  Mindy was great!

– The Bakers (Denver, CO) Open in Denver!

– Ben, Morgan & Sawyer (Albuquerque, NM)  Loved the atmosphere & ethically raised food  😉


Late July

– Richie S. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Good food, friendly staff & family friendly.

– Lorren W. (Dallas, TX) Liked the atmosphere, staff & great beer.

– George N. (Colorado Springs, CO)  Our server was awesome.  We will be back.

– Maurice B. (San Antonio, TX)  The tour was good!

– Story’s (Oregon)  Beer sampler was fun!

– Don E. (Mexico City, Mexico)  Liked the the house items made from scratch!

– Mike (Austin, TX)  1st time here.  We had a party of 9 and everyone enjoyed it!  We will be back.


Mid July

– Kandi F. (Houston, TX)  The tour was fun.  Enjoyed our sampler of beer.

– Besty F. (Durango, CO)  Really appreciate your use of natural meats & seafood!

– Mark & Kacie (Oklahoma)  You guys are on-point.  Keep it up!

– Erin (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great teamwork from servers and management.

– Marcus & Jasmine (Albuquerque, NM)  This stay was amazing!  Server was great!

– Ellen M. (Lufkin, TX)  Wonderful Fish & Chips and tarter sauce.

– Gary S. (Irvine, CA)  Great food, great service.  Thank you!!


Early July

– Maggie & Jarrad (Memphis, TN)  Keep up the good work.  We will be back!

– Christi (Ft. Worth, TX)  Brewery tour was informative.  Staff friendly.

– Sharon F. (Denver, CO)  Be closer to Denver 🙂

– The Ryan Sisters (Kansas)  The Mole & Chili beers are AMAZING.  Service was great.

– Ruben (Albuquerque, NM)  Awesome service & staff.

– Herman P. (Salida, CO)  Fun atmosphere & great food, plus good root beer soda.

– Gregg & Kristi (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great Service!!!  Great Burgers & Nutella Pie!


Late June

– Chrissy A. (Albuquerque, NM)  The Nutella pie was great.  Very attentive service.

– Christine D. (Houston, TX)  As always, excellent service & food!  Beer TOO!

– Joshua K. (Alamogordo, NM)  Great tour guides & server.  Like the minimal carbon footprint.

– Shelby & Adam P. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  The food is delicious!  June was very helpful & nice.  Thanks!

– Brandan & Kaylie (Denton, TX)  Cool atmosphere, friendly staff – great beer & food!  Come to Texas, please!  We would love a place like this out there!

– Mike M. (Monte Vista, CO)  Great food & great service.

– Jon & Katie B. (Council Bluffs, IA)   What do you like best?  Jon:  It’s friendly   Katie:  The delicious pizza!


Mid June (what did you like best?)

– Dorothy M. (Castle Pines, CO)    Burgers & Service!

– Katie C. (Dulce, NM)   ‎ The beer! Green Chili ones! Also your fries are outstanding, and service was great. So was the remoulade..

– Mick & Theresa (South Plains, TX)  – Fish n Chips, Root Beer & Brownie Bites

– Katie & Patti (Los Angeles & San Francisco)   Tacos & Black bean burger

– Alice (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Beer, friendly atmosphere

– Ashley S. (Surprise, AZ)  The Beer & the Salmon Fish n Chips!!

– Gary (Albuquerque, NM)   The Beer!!!!


Early June (what did you like best?)

– Sherri (Indianapolis, IN)   Beer & Burgers!!!

– Lory Kyle & Jose (Utah)  Taster Tray

– Melissa (Pagosa Springs, CO)  The beer was fantastic and I’ve always gotten great service! Keep up the good work 🙂

– Sarah Landtiser (Pagosa Springs, CO)  The food is excellent and the variety of beers!

– Neal M. (Crested Butte, CO)   It’s Local, low key, great beer & guacamole. Awesome helpful bartender.

– Bryon (Dulce, NM)  Booze, Food, Fun Atmosphere 🙂

– Bob & Karen (Phoenix, NM)  The Local Feel, great brat & pulled pork, loved the Pumpkin Ale


Late May (what did you like best?)

– C. Bradley (New Mexico)  Great selection of beer. IPA & Milk Stout #1

– Jennifer B. (California)  Friendly & Informative, Service & Hospitality!!

– Sammie Jo (Bayfield, CO)  Friendly Staff & Great Beer! You Guys Are Great!

– Sandy R. (Allison, AZ)  Beer, Food & Atmosphere

– Gayle (Albuquerque, NM)  Friendly people, good food, beer, variety, seating variety choice.

– Yasmeen & Mark (California & Chicago)  The BEER!!!

– Mike B. (Monte Vista, CO)  Down home Environment


Mid May (in progress)

Early May (in progress)

Late April (in progress)

Mid April (in progress)

Early April (in progress)

Late March – Spring Break 3

– Anthony C. (Los Alamos, NM)  Pizza yesterday, Great!  Fish & Chips today, good stuff.  Dessert, Nutella Pie, wife loves it!

– Jamie & Chris (Wyndham)  I don’t know where to start!  The food, the drink, the service – you guys kill it!  We’re pretty darn satisfied.

– Steve S. (Colorado Springs, CO) GREAT STAFF!  GREAT BEER!  GREAT FOOD!

– Gary Z. (Albuquerque, NM)  Laid back style & really good beer!!  Don’t change a thing.  Love the beer and grass-fed meat.

– Justin D. (Albuquerque, NM)  Great beer.  Great pulled pork sandwich.  Nice atmosphere.   Just keep doing what you’re doing.

– Alyssa G. (Virginia)  Friendly & family atmosphere, great beer!  Best burger (Yum!) And, server was excellent.

– Susan Smiley 🙂 We come here every February since we heard about your place, so Good!


Mid March – Friendly!  Spring Break 2

– Mark C. (Castle Rock, CO)  Friendly!  Quaint atmosphere.  Loved how we could sample the before we ordered.

– Lisa C. (Castle Rock, CO)  Love the friendly staff.  Food is good and beer is even better!

– Wozniak (Phoenix, AZ)  Friendly staff, good food.

– Brett J. (Concordia, KS)  Great Service – Friendly – Good Food

– Parker J. (Texas)  Friendly staff and cozy atmosphere, with upbeat tour guide

– Carles E. (Missouri)  The staff is friendly and great service

– Amber & Spencer (Denver & Fort Collins, CO)  Friendly people.  You guys have a good thing going for you.


Mid March – Spring Break 1

– Blake (Springfield, MO)  What’s not to like? Good food, good beer, good service. 🙂

– Robin B. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great beer and service!   Food too!  🙂

– Jeff B. (Westminster, MD)  Service was outstanding.  Keep up the good work.

– Stefani B. (Austin, TX)  Atmosphere is wonderful.  Kid Friendly!

– Russ J (Phoenix, AZ)  Cozy, good food, great service.

– Taylor & Lindi (Lubbock, TX)  All beers were great & pizza was delicious.

– Gary C. (Bayfield, CO)  We’ll be back!!


Early March – Long Comments

(how they squeezed all these kudos on a little comment card is amazing & truly heart-felt!)

– Kari U. (Flagstaff, AZ)   The atmosphere keeps getting better! And the beer!  I really enjoyed the outdoor area.  The variety you offer with beer & food keeps getting better!

– Stacy & Bard (Albuquerque, NM)   Great atmosphere & beer.  Really made our trip down here memorable.  We did the flight of Stouts – really fun to explore with the amazing food.  We decided to eat/take our time here – best decision ever!

– Adam T. (Albuquerque, NM)   Great beer, food!!!  Excellent customer service.  Our server was awesome and the host with the beanie was great too!

– Traci B. (Cedar Grove, TX)   We liked the atmosphere, food, beer & people.  We <3 Zach & Toni.  They’re Great!  Also, guys on the Tour were great!

– Cole & Amy (Edgewood, NM)   Every beer & food item was amazing.  I had the hardest time picking out which beer I wanted to take home.  Service, food & beer was absolutely amazing.  Brittney & Jesse were awesome!

– Jared, Nancy & Lauren (Albuquerque, NM)   Awesome Beer, Awesome Food, basically everything!!!  Great Staff!  Everyone I shared squealers with thought it was the best beer in they’ve ever had!!!

– Ken M. (Albuquerque, NM)   We liked the Brewpub Atmosphere, Porters & Good Service.  Been coming since the 1st days – I search out good brewpubs & this one is great.  Don’t stop making Porters.


Late February – “Great!”

– Mike G. (Middleville, MI)   It was great.

– David C. (Albuquerque, NM)   Beer is Great!!

– Aaron H. (Dallas, TX)   Awesome beer.  Great server.

– Criselda (Dallas, TX)   Great service!  Great Food!

– Mike & Melanie (Cedar Park, TX)   Great Atmosphere!  We will be back soon!

– Darbi B. (Abilene, TX)   Service & food was great!

– Jordan (Angleton, TX)   Ya’ll are doing great!!


Late February – “Service”

– Haley & Spence (Austin, TX)  Everyone was really nice – great service 🙂

– Kale B. (Republic, OH)  It was great. Food was good. Service was excellent.

– Rick & Aileen (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Thank you for great service!  😉

– Anita & Mike (Parker, CO)  Staff was great!

– Dee & Neal (Arboles, CO)  Keep up the great service.  Fish & Chips Delicious.

– Shauna (Santa Fe, NM)  Good beers and service was great!

– Carolyn B. (Bernalillo, NM)  great beer! great people!


Mid February

– Lisa L. (Arlington, TX)  Best beer I’ve ever had.  We <3 Pagosa Brewing Co!!!!

– Lauren D. (Austin, TX)  Love this place.  Ya’ll are doing a grrreat job.

– Nick, Jess & Jason (Albuquerque, NM)  Friendly people, good food & great beer.

– Chase H. (Loveland, CO)  Great food & service!!  Love all the beers.

– Aric M. (Louisiana)  Everything great – service and food.

– Dave E. (Pensacola, FL)  Great Food & Grass-Fed Beef

– Maddy (Pagosa Springs, CO)  You guys rock!


Early February

– Eugene & Sandra (Pensacola, FL)  Gary (the Asst. Brewer) made us feel welcome and patiently answered all questions.

– Jake B. (Surprise, AZ)  Brandon & Gary were awesome during the tour.

– Alan M. (Granbury, TX & Pagosa Springs, CO)  Small, good service, friendly atmosphere, and… we the love food!!

– Frank H. (Austin, TX)  Incredible place. Every time we visit P.S. we make a trip here.  Thank you so much!

– Amy (Santa Fe, NM)  Great service!  Loved our server.  Good beer & food.

– Steve M. (Wichita, KS)  Great Beer, Great Atmosphere, Nice People.

– Judi E. (Liberty, MO)  Love it as it is


Late January – Part III

– Rand F. (Muskogee, OK)  The beer is great, as well as the food. Also love the fact that you choose to use food free from additives etc. and are wind powered.

– Erica A. (Austin, TX)  The Pretzels and Fish & Chips were delicious!

– Michael B. (Chicago, IL)  Good pretzels, nice friendly waitress & good brew tour.

– Kallem & Becca (San Diego, CA & Durango, CO)  Great food selection & great root-beer!  Staff is great.

– Todd & Caleb (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Loved the Gluten-Free Menu & Gluten-Free Pale Ale – WOW!

– Sarah T. (Denver, CO)  Please send me the Pesto Vinaigrette recipe – it rocks!

– Liz (New Mexico)  Your beer area amazing, flavorful & a great variety.


Late January – Part II

– Kale B. (Republic, MO)  It was great.  Food was good.  Service was excellent.

– John A. (Albuquerque, NM)  Helpful, friendly staff!

– Thomas H. (Houston TX)  Beer & Food & Waitresses, all are amazing!

– Tiana Gonzales (New Mexico)  The beer was great, and our server was awesome.  Great wings & environment!

– Mike D. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great servers & amazing food.

– Alan B. (Norwood, CO)  Beer was great, quick service, excellent food.

– Megan S. (Tulsa, OK)  Delcious food, amazing food!


Late January

– Wes (Tampa, FL)  Everything was perfect, no complaints here 😉

– Todd (Albuquerque, NM)  The food & beer and the service was great.

– Jill (Bastrop, TX)  Andrea was awesome!  Great job – Great place!

– Rebecca C. (Florissant, CO)  I like the intimate atmosphere

– Cher (Pagosa Springs, CO)  You all are amazing!

– Andy L. (Milwaukee, WI)  Move to Milwaukee

– Doug M. (Austin, TX)  Move to Austin!


Mid January

– Joe & Kathy (Poughkeepsie, NY)  FRIENDLY STAFF – from the moment we entered the pub – went out of their way to make us feel at home (including owner, Tony!)

– Ed F. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Food, beer, and service were excellent.

– Mindy B. (San Antonio, TX)  Your Greek Pizza was perfect!!  Move to San Antonio & we would come every week, guaranteed!

– Michelle (AZ)  Excellent beer, pizza & service.  Every little detail.  You nailed it… You’ve got it going on.

– The Fites (OK & WA)  Best Potato Soup I’ve ever had.  Taster Tray was fantastic!

– Marie & Chris (Katy, TX)  The food was INCREDIBLE & the beer is AMAZING!

– Titus V. (Albuquerque, NM)  Great Beer & Great Food.  Atmosphere and service also GREAT!!


Early January

– Cecil T. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Lovely!

– Greene (Conway, AR)  Great food!  Cool Environment 😉

– Leslie M. (Kyle, TX)  Thanks, we enjoyed it!

– Michael B. (Chicago, IL)  Good Pretzels & Brewery Tour

– Ann G. (Las Cruces, NM)  Friendly waitress, Good food.

– Wendy & Klaus (Destin, FL)  Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff!

– Michelle (Arizona)  You’ve got it going on.


(By State for the Holidays)

Colorado – 2013 Holiday Season

– Catherine (Colorado Springs, CO)  It is great just the way it is.

– Doug & Cindy (Longmont, CO)  All employees are very nice.  Open one in Longmont 😉

– David H. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Keep up the good work

– Rick & Aileen (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Thank you for great service!  😉

– Alicia (Pagosa Springs, CO)  You’re doing GREAT! Our server was very sweet & gave us a great experience.

– Ron G. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Your whole staff is wonderful!

– Tae & Ghislain (Pagosa Springs, CO)   Awesome Experience.


New Mexico – 2013 Holiday Season

– Cadmor (Valencia County, NM)  “Amazing Coconut Porter, gooood gluten-free beer & great food & great service.

– Kristen S. (Albuquerque, NM)  Fish & Chips was bomb!

– Ritchie (Albuquerque, NM)  Great beer & Great service!

– Kevin B. (Santa Fe, NM)  “Love” the atmosphere here!! Warm & Fun.

– Janis R. (Santa Fe, NM)  The tour was terrific!

– Lisa J. (Farmington, NM)  Great Selection Indeed!

– Cassandra T. (Farmington, NM)  Casual, friendly & good tasting!


Texas 2013 Holiday Season

– Robert B. (San Antonio, TX)  At most breweries you will find 1-2 good beers.  You have 6-7 good ones!!! And your food goes extremely well with it.

– Ambra (Corpus Christi, TX)  The beer is great.  Staff is friendly.  Brewmasters knowledgeable and approachable.

– Bryon B. (Austin, TX)  Great selection of amazing beer, good food, local & homie atmosphere

– David, Scarlot & Mark (Belton, TX)  GREAT SERVICE ERICA 😉  Keep doing what you’re doing 😉

– Frank S. (Dallas, TX)  It was great.

– Tobin B. (Fort Worth, TX)  Solid and outstanding beer with good menu selections



Late December 2013

– Marilyn C. (Waco, TX)  What a wonderful place to spend Christmas Eve!

– Nathan G. (Bonham, TX)  The experience was awesome!

– Liz (Oklahoma)  Thank you for all the Gluten-Free options.

–  Lisa M. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Had a fantastic time

– Elyssa & Preston (Aliso Viejo, CA)   Great job on the tour presentation!

– Terry (Newton, NC)  I love it all!

– Corina G. (Santa Fe, NM)  “Been here 6 years for Christmas Holidays.  Awesome!”


Mid/Late December 2013

– D&V (Pulaski, NY)   Amazing array of beers. Totally approve of your philosophy of supporting local.

– Connie O. (Lafayette, CO)  We came for our 25th Anniversary & enjoyed it very much!

– Diane M. (Albuquerque, NM)  The brew, service & ambiance was great.  Thank you 😉

– Gary Z. (Placitas, NM)  Great tasting beer. Great Atmosphere. Great Sever.

– Sara & Susie (Denver & Pagosa Springs, CO)  Yummy beer, good food & great service! Thank you Jesse!

– Debra E. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great Service & delicious Chili beer.

– Melanie K. (Albuquerque, NM)  The food, the beer & the service was great! Thank you.


Mid December 2013

– Anita O. (Albuquerque, NM)  Everyone was friendly & well-mannered!!

– Kathy & Richard (Dallas & Pagosa Springs, CO)  Service – Awesome.  Pizza and Salmon Fish & Chips – Awesome!

– Keenan & Kelsey (Wiley, CO)  Super friendly & welcoming. Very clean & comfortable, great, great food.

– Susan & Bill (Colorado Springs, CO)  We both love it.  Never had a Barleywine before – AWESOME 😉

– Kyrsten, Rob, Ben, Lauren, Clayton Tina (Texas & Louisiana)  The food was amazing.

– Delani S. (Johnson City, TX)  The tomato basil soup is to die for.  Got a bowl to take home.

– Larrisa G. (Espanola, NM)  It was pretty wonderful.  Keep up the great food and service.


Early December 2013

– DJ H. (Dulce, NM)  The Food is Delicious!

– Mary & Lew (Albuquerque, NM)  The food is great.  The beer is even better.

– Jeremy (Pagosa Springs, CO)  It was awesome!

– William D. (Salt Lake City, UT)  Awesome food & Great Beer.

– Veronica S. (New Braunfels, TX)  Customer Service was awesome!!

– Salena M. (Colorado Springs, CO)  Great Service!!

– Ralph & Jean (Allison, CO)  Keep up the great job


Late November 2013

– Jeannette K. (Overland Pass, KS)  Been here many times!

– Lisa B. (Durango, CO)  Thanks for being food allergy conscious!

– Larry C. (Denver, CO)  Beers are so smooth & easy to drink.

– Joey N. (Nags Head, NC)  Great staff, awesome customer service, like family.

– Jerry M. (China Lake, CA)  Friendly staff & customers + GREAT BREWS!

– John C. (Scottsdale, AZ)  SIMPLE good food, beer & friendly.

– Tato (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Friendly, Good Beer, great service & Good Food


Mid November 2013

– Anthony H. (Rio Rancho, NM)  More Pumpkin Ale

– Yvette R. (Los Lunas, NM)  Service is Awesome!!

– Leo D. (Arizona)  Excellent Beer & Food.  Good Service.

– Beth S. (Colorado Springs, CO)  Love the gear, love the beer & love Peter!!

– EM D. (Pass Christian, MS)  Great folks, good food and the GROG is the best dark beer yet.

– Jared T. (Durango, C)  The food was great <3 <3<3


Early November 2013

– Reanne I. (Cortez, CO)  Burger was kick-ass!  This is definitely our kind of place to stop!

– Beth & Josh (Colorado Springs, CO)  Everything is great… food, beer, ambiance

– Linda & Steve (Littleton, CO)  We had a great time!  We’re so glad that we took the tour!

– Maria D. (Las Cruces, NM)  Great Ass Burgers!!

– Steve D. (Dallas, TX)  Good Beer – GREAT SERVICE

– Hana C. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Good quality food!

– Karen E. (Aurora, CO)  Can’t wait to visit again 🙂


Late October 2013

– Jessica B. (Durango, CO)   Awesome service & great beer.

– Paulette H. (Albuquerque, NM)   Great place!!  We were here two nights in a row.

– Autumn T. (Dulce, NM)   It’s a pretty sight during evening time.

– Sheri & Gerry O. (Denver, CO)   Potato Salad – awesome!  Great burgers – service was great.

– Roni (Rice Lake, WI)   Friendly atmosphere, good food & fun.

– Chris M. (Longview, TX)  Great server & pizza!!

– Jeremy H. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Make more RyePA!


Mid October 2013

– Jeffrey T. (Phoenix, AZ)  Brandon & Jason gave us a great tour.

– Bernadette F. (Lumberton, NM)  It’s the bomb already!

– Courtney D. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great beer & food.

– Ronal M. (Gallup, NM)  Just keep up the nice attitude

– Will W. (Boys Ranch, TX)  Great food.  Beer… other worldly!

– Marty Z. (Frisco, TX)  Great already!

– David L. & IPA Guy! (South Bend, IN)  Chili Cerveza was the best light beer I’ve ever tasted!


Early October 2013

– Brandy Q. (Crystal Lake, IL)  Please email your cheese dip recipe.

– Sue & Ken L. (Leicester, UK)  Friendly, warm welcome & specialized beers!

– David W. (Albuquerque, NM)  This visit was GREAT!  Keep it up!

– Richard & Klara H (Santa Fe, NM)  Great setting, beer, food & attitude.

– Liliana T (Rio Rancho, NM)  Awesome service and food.

– Mary S (Los Ojos, NM)  Very friendly place with good brews.

– Regina H. (Rio Rancho, NM)  Like the hot pretzels & brownies.


Late September 2013

– David D. (Pagosa Springs, CO)   LOVE – absolutely love the “Ancestral Ale”!

– Kitty N. (Los Lunas, NM)  Please send me the recipe for your Fish & Chips Tartar Sauce.

– Nancy W. (Camp Verde, AZ)  Keep up the good work!  We just got to town & stopped here first!

– Rayford & Angelina (Aztec, NM)  Keep doing what your doing!  Awesome experience!!

– Tom (Aurora, CO)  The beer is fantastic!

– Cal M. (Sanford, CO)  Great Service. GREAT BEER. Good Food.

– Sue & Mark M. (Everett, WA)  Do you ship to Washington State?


Mid September 2013

– Christina K. (Portland, OR)  Great beer, great service! Great atmosphere.  <3 the beer garden.

– Ray H. (London, U.K.)  Excellent beer, nice food & really good brewery tour.

– A. Hauks (Albuquerque, NM)  Good salmon tacos!

– Amber D. (White City, KS)  Awesome experience – even with kiddos!

– Chad P. (Silver City, NM)  Every person on the wait staff helped us – outstanding teamwork & service.

– Ingrid N. (Bakersfield, CA)  Love the Peachy Peach and the small, cozy atmosphere.

– Jim C. (Wilmette, IL)  Salmon Tacos delicious & surprisingly sufficient amount of food!


Early September 2013

– Jarrod L. (Durango, CO)  I’ve been here 4 times and all have been great experiences.

– Mary & Kevin (Hillsborough, NJ)  Brandon & Jason were great tour guides!

– Troy J. (Odessa, TX)  This place is awesome.

– James L. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Great place 🙂

– Michaela K. (Albuquerque, NM)  We love it here, especially the kid’s area & peach beer!

– Lyssa M. (Del Norte, CO)  Bar none, you are our favorite place to escape to.  Brilliant!!!

– Lynn & Susan W. (Boys Ranch, TX)  You’ve captured us!


Late August 2013

– Janet H. (Pittsburgh, PA)  Great service & food J

– Martha B. (Peoria, AZ)  You guys are great!!

– Janee R. (Dallas, TX)  Kids loved the root beer!

– Jamie F. (Chicago, IL)  Our server was very attentive to our needs.

– John & Kristen D. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  <3 the food & of course the beer!

– Chef David S. (Santa Fe, NM)  Thanks for the great grub & beer.

– Duane G. (Fort Collins, CO)  The beer was very good & the atmosphere was fun.


Mid August 2013

– Ivan T. (Santa Fe, NM)  Awesome!  Great service.  We will be back!

– Chuck S. (Goodyear, AZ)   Very accommodating. Very friendly & competent servers.

– Perry F. (Horseshoe Bay, TX)  Good food & great service.

– Mike S. (Schertz, TX)  The brewery tour was excellent.

– Cherrie W. (Rochester, IL)  It was pretty darn fun. This place rocks!

– Pam H. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Like beers best!  Lunch was great too!  Service wonderful!

– Martha L. (Erie, CO)  Just keep doing what you do!


Early August 2013

– Aaron & Jodi S. (Prairie Village, KS)  Friendly staff, tasty beers!  Pizza was great, too!

– Janet W. (Durango, CO)  Great food & service!  Thx!

– Brittany S. (Las Cruces, NM)  We had a wonderful time!  We will be back ASAP!! 😉

– Paul & Barbar S. (Hilton Head, SC)  Loved your outdoor eating area – casual & fun!

– R. Colson (Brenham, TX)  Been here 3 days in a row.  We are completely satisfied!

– Brandon N. (Sierra Vista, AZ)  Great kids area!

– Dave D. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Friendly service was prompt & attentive.


Late July 2013

– Kirk & Trinity H. (Alpine, CA)  Good beer & good food… always a winning combination

– Tammie M. (Roswell, NM)  Excellent experience – no improvement needed.


– Linda K. (Santa Fe, NM)  Still good after all these years!

– Michael D. (Alexandria, VA)  Best root beer float ever.

– Conzul C. (Tucson, AZ)  Loved the tour 😉

– Jessie B. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Thanks for everything!


Mid July 2013

– Brandi M. (Henderson, NV)  The food was amazing!!  Thank you.

– Kenna P. (Amarillo, TX)  Food was excellent.  Loved the green chili beer.

– Amy G. (Allen, TX)  “We’ll be back July 2014 – Hold our table!”

– Nanette C. (Whittier, CA)  Completely happy.  Keep up the good work.

– Kirk S. (Lees Summit, MO)  Enjoyed visit & people.  Excellent Service.

– David & Susan J. (Golden, CO)  The best root beer pop.

– Kate C. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Stay Awesome!


Early July 2013

– Kendra P. (Lakewood, CO)  Excellent customer service made our visit fun & will recommend.

– Steven L. (Clarkdale, AZ)  Eaten here 6 or 7 times and have always loved it!

– Jenny B. (Farmington, NM)  Don’t let us leave!   😉

– Isaac S. (Chestnut, IL)  Something to satisfy everyone.

– Roxanne J. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  All my servers have been personable & Fun!

– Melissa T. (Amarillo, TX)  It was perfect!

– Rosslyn P. (Rio Rancho, NM)  IT COULDN’T BE BETTER


Late June 2013

– Darrell H. (Santa Fe, NM)  We liked everything!  Beer is great; food is excellent.

– Beth & Ted R. (Lititz, PA)  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Love your beer!

– Gwyn & Dick K. (McAllen, TX)  Good place to eat on a 35th anniversary!

– Chris P. (Placitas, NM)  Just keep on serving great beer & great food!

– Paul C. (Durango, CO)  Good Job!

– Kelly C. (Albuquerque, NM)  Everyone who works here is awesome!!!  Loved their personalities!  Good food too!  😉

– Ben W. (Mobile, AL)  Stay the same!


Mid June 2013

– Pamela M (Gainesville, FL)  Best outing all week! Wouldn’t change anything.

– Elizabeth L. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Like the atmosphere outside and, of course, the delicious beer.

– Stephen T. (Plaquemine, LA)  Much more flavor than mass-produced beer!

– Larry B. (Longmont, CO)  Very gemütlich place.

– Robb M. (Bloomfield, NM)  Completely Satisfied!!  Will return soon!

– Frank V. (Littleton, CO)  Excellent new pizza crust!

– Betty A. (Port Angeles, WA)  Really Enjoyed!


Early June 2013

– MK G. (Cheyenne, WY)  Really amazing food & beer – if I lived here, I’d come 4x/week!

– Kandi M. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  It’s always good here.  Been coming for years.

– Max & Judith (Grand Junction, CO)  Looking forward to another visit – Thank you!

– Tara P (Aztec, NM)  The IPA & Pale Ale were great!  Nice atmosphere.  The food was really good as well!

– Tom & Jean B. (Madison, WI)  Awesome – we will be back!

– Selena O (Albuquerque, NM)  It was amazing, specifically the Kayaker Cream 😉

– Peter & Debra J. (Vandalia, OH)  Great beer, even greater pizza, and loved the salads too!


Late May 2013

– Kim, J. (TX)  I’m satisfied!

– Jim (South Fork, CO)  Friendly humans hang here!  Just keep it up!

– Tom M. (Albuquerque, NM)  Salmon Fish & Chips get two thumbs up!

– Jewell L. (Beaverton, OR)  We really enjoyed ourselves!

– David H. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  You Rock!

– Anne M. (Aurora, CO)  Nicest staff we have met in the area. 

– Portia B. (Santa Fe, NM)  LOVE your Pesto Vinaigrette dressing!  Would you please send me the recipe?


Mid May 2013

– Bob J. (Bremerton, WA)  Good vibes.  Good beer. Service was welcoming & attentive

– Mary Lou S. (Portland OR)  Service was good, food was good – we’re leaving full & happy.

– Elaine C. (Albuquerque, NM)  We bought a place in Pagosa ‘cause we ate at Pagosa Brewing!  – Elaine C. (Albuquerque, NM)

– Norm & Jan (Pagosa Springs, CO)  GREAT EVERYTHING!!!!

– Mckensey S. (Salt Lake City, UT)  We will be back every time we pass through & love the kid’s area!!!

– Wendell R. (Bush, LA)  You have a winner!

– Sue & Larry (WI)  Great beer – and we know our beer!


Early May 2013

– Joel F.  (Derby, KS)  Don’t change anything!

– Ryan M.  (St. Clairsville, OH)  The beers were excellent and Erica was fantastic.  Perfect!

– Tim C. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  Based on the service, food & choices of beer, we will be back & recommend to friends.

– Michael & Ed (Topeka, KS)  We have no idea how to make this place better, but you probably will find a way.

– Breanne B. (Durango, CO)  Fries & service excellent!  Great variety of beers.

– Natalie S. (College Station, TX)  Y’all are awesome!  Thanks & Gig Em’!

– Sandra B. (Jemez Pueblo, NM)  Great service.  Keep on doing what you’re doing.


Late April 2013

– Lynn W. (Boys Ranch, TX)  Hire us when we retire!

– Lynda W.  (Las Vegas, NV)  The beer was great and the Salmon Fish & Chips and Salmon Tacos were superb.

– Jim & Edie M. (Phoenix, AX)  Great service & friendly staff – loved Stephanie! And, love your great beers every year!

– Joan S. (Durango, CO)  Can you please sell in Durango liquor stores?

– Edward W. (Santa Fe, NM)  Please come to Santa Fe!

– Andrea K.  (Edmond, OK & Pagosa Springs, CO)  Phenomenal brews & very good food.

– Liz M. (Midland, TX)  Made a beer drinker out of me!  Had a Great Time!  🙂


Early April 2013

– Mark R. (Durango, CO)  It feels like home.

– Jason, D. (Houston, TX)  Been here 3x this week.  GREAT!

– Thomas O.  (Mystic, CT)  Love this place!  Look forward to coming back.

– Larry M. (Del Norte, CO)  Been coming here for 2 years.  It’s perfect as it is.

– David & Lana G. (Pagosa Springs, CO)  We’re locals & we love this place and I refer clients here all the time.

– Ty (Alamogordo, NM)  Your fish & chips, beer, and service were outstanding.  Hard to improve on perfection!

– Deeya D. (Lincoln, NE)  Loved our experience.  Can you move to Nebraska!?!


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