Special Taster Flights

We regularly encourage guests to try our Taster Tray.  It has our current line-up of  10-17 house brewed beers (with numerous State & National Award-Winners).  In addition, we sometimes offer Special Taster Flights that feature a series (or family) of beer styles to compare… and are now offered with Special Food Pairings.  These Trays are only offered a few time per year.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates, or sign-up for our Spam-Free email updates.  Special Taster Flights have included:

“Lager LONGER” – Naturally Conditioned  Lagers (May/June 2014)

– Ice Cave Vienna Lager

– Honeymoon Bier

– Lumbertown Classic American Lager

“Taste the TRINITY” – Belgians (April/June 2014)

– Alpine Abbey Saison

– Alpine Abbey Blonde

NIP Taster Tray– Alpine Abbey Dubbel

“The Colors of IPA” – IPA’s (March/April 2014)

– Powder Day IPA

– Shreddin’ Red IPA

– Black Diamond – Black IPA

“Come to the DARK SIDE!” – Stouts (February’s)

– Stout Month (a new Stout tray EVERY week for February!)

“Coconut THROWDOWN!” – Your Vote Counts! (Dec 2014, June & Sept 2015)

– Coconut Porter vs. Coconut Stout

“Vingate NIPS!” – Barleywines (November’s)

– Five Years of Nipple Mountain NIPS Vertical Tasting!

Porter’s PORTERS (December 2013)

Coconut Porter

Porter’s Porter

Wassail Porter

– Baltic Porter


– Alpine Abbey Pale

– Alpine Abbey Tripel

– Alpine Abbey Grand Cru


– Alpine Abbey 6

– Alpine Abbey 8

– Alpine Abbey 10



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