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The Future of Dining Out

Imagine you walk into your favorite restaurant and are greeted then seated by the host.  You quickly glance over the drink menu as you whip out your smart phone.  After typing into your open web browser and inputting your table number, a drink menu pops up.  There is no app and no signup to keep the experience seamless.  You order and pay for your drinks by the time your server greets you at your table, or better yet, they greet you at your table with your drinks!

This is now reality at Pagosa Brewing Company with our new in-store, on-line ordering system brought to us by  Smart Ordering brings our guests the on-demand experience sought after in our restaurant.  The system creates efficiency by reducing the initial wait time for the server to greet a table and take a drink order.  By the time the server is introducing themselves, the guests can be ready to order their food.

The future is efficiency and we are introducing it at Pagosa Brewing Company.  Come in and try it out!